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Maximize Your Full Potential.

Mavericks bravley blazing the trail always looking to the future


What is a Maverick? Mavericks are visionaries who want to achieve what's never been achieved before. They're not fans of the status quo and will shake things up. Mavericks tend to be innovative, influential, daring, and direct


meet the team


Coach Ben remmers

Coach Ben started the Mavericks ELITE program in March 2023. He has coached the entire boys program almost entirely by himself, ranging from 7-15 teams being coached at once. To say he loves the game is an understatement. The team that started this whole process and their journey was a 7th grade team wanting to get better and see stronger competition. They went undefeated in CNR ranked a 10 in 7th grade. 8th grade they still played exceptionally well in CNR only losing a handful of games. They then started playing in ThreatHoops tournaments and out of states tournaments. It was a hard winter for the Mavericks 8th black team. Not placing in a single tournament. Then came spring of last year. They had finally done it, they won a tough out of state tournament in Illinois. They had finally earned the right to be called ELITE. From there on they had placed in every tournament they played in leading up to their freshman year. 


Where Excellence and Accoutability Meet
Mavericks ELITE

Upcoming Tryouts

Spring 24 HS Tryouts (2).png
Spring 24 HS Tryouts (2).png
Spring 24 HS Tryouts (2).png

A family of like minded young athletes interested in developing and furthering their basketball education and fundamental skill set.

Dan Klein proud Maverick parent



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